Piña Colada Popsicles

O, summer!  How I love thee!

But… even if you don’t share my fondness of summer, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll find bliss in these popsicles.  They’re missing the rum, but feel free to add some if you like (though not for tots, obviously – you can make two sets… grown-up popsicles, and kiddo pops!)

The recipe could not be easier:

Coconut milk (full-fat, from a can)
Fresh pineapple

That’s it.  Put them in the blender, taste-test, adjust, pour into popsicle molds, freeze, and in a few hours, enjoy a bit of tropical bliss.  For proportions, experiment and see what you like best.  I use half a can of coconut milk and 1-2 cups of coconut chunks.  Use less pineapple if you want them to be creamier, and more pineapple if you want them to be sweeter.  You can add maple syrup for additional sweetness, but I’ve never wanted to, as pineapple is so sweet on its own.

I sometimes also add collagen protein powder (a couple heaped scoops) to bump up the protein (collagen is great for your skin) without altering the flavor or texture of the pops.

Note:  These are health food, but you don’t have to tell anyone that, and I assure you they won’t be able to tell from how they taste.

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